To promote teamwork and player safety, effective Spring 2016, all players who accept their selection to a Section 1 team, will be required to attend 75% of scheduled practices and games.  This policy applies to 10U, 12U and 14U Section 1 teams within the EBA. 

Here is how it will work:

  • Parents register their player for the applicable age group within registration dates to have an evaluation.
  • After evaluations and winter workouts, you will be notified of section 1 selection.
  • Before the beginning of the team’s practices, the head coach will provide expectations, practice schedule and when available, a game schedule.
  • Each player and parent will confirm the commitment or decline the selection.  The player must provide the head coach of his EBA team with his tournament schedule ASAP and highlight where there will be conflicts. 
  • If Section 1 selection is declined but you still want to play for EBA, the player will be assigned to another team.  The player and parent should discuss other commitments with that head coach and the expectations for that team.
  • If the player declines Section 1 and doesn’t want to play for EBA at another level, a refund of registration fees will be available.
  • If the terms of the policy (75% or other agreed-upon terms) are breached, a manager will have the support of the board to remove the player from the roster without refund of the registration fee.  Violators of the policy will have to "re-apply" for registration with EBA in future years through a parent meeting with the EPBA Director and will be admitted or denied on a case-by-case basis.


  • The 75% rule is the baseline policy set by the board for dual-rostered players who are playing for teams not associated with EBA (i.e., showcase teams, tournament teams, etc.).  If the EPBA manager chooses to accept different terms prior to the start of the season, then that agreement needs to be stated in writing and submitted to the EPBA Director.
  • We understand that not all games and practices can be made by all players due to unforeseen circumstances. Games missed due to reasons other than illness or sudden family obligation would be counted towards the 75% rule.

Why is this policy being implemented?

When players are on two different teams, the commitment to each is shared, thus creating a situation where practices and/or games are missed for both teams.  At Section 1, the level of play, coaching knowledge and commitment, and player requirements are at the highest level of that age group.  In exchange for receiving this experience, we believe the commitment from players to their team should be equal.

Here are 2 scenarios:

  1. Player plays on another program’s team on Saturday and he pitched 5 innings and now requires several days’ rest.  The following Monday, the same player has a game for EBA team and the coach was planning to have him pitch.  This requires the coach to be made aware of the player’s demands, and also the coach now has to rearrange his game plan.  This impacts the entire team.   If the coach isn’t made aware, that player will be overworked in a short amount of time and run a higher risk of injury.  This scenario could also occur if the player pitched for EBA right before another program’s weekend game.
  2. Practices are scheduled on Saturday mornings and a player has already committed to another program and can’t practice with the EBA team.  The player is a starter for EBA and expects to play regardless of missing practice.  However the other team members are at practice 100% of the time. This repeated conflict creates a wedge in the team's cohesiveness and can potentially lead to tension among players, parents, and coaches.

Working Together: 

We are privileged to live in an area that is rich in baseball history and has many resources to help the development of skills and promote the love of baseball. The EBA also acknowledges that players and families have a variety of obligations and goals.  We are simply asking you to make a proactive and intentional commitment to the Section 1 team.  We believe this will benefit the EBA, the other programs, and more importantly, all of the players involved.

Other Levels

Head coaches for Sections 2 and 3 teams may adopt similar policies, but they are not to exceed 75% and must follow the rest of the policy.  The EBA board will support the coach’s decision along these terms.

If you have any questions, please contact Len Embiscuso via email @