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Standing invitation to all EBA board meetings

All are welcome to attend any board meeting. They are in the EBA Academy located at 300 W. Chestnut Street Ephrata.  The entrance is located via the tractor trailer port on the Park Ave side of the building. Look for the EBA sign.

Next Meeting DateSee calendar on homepage. They are usually on Sundays at 6 pm.

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The meetings and the minutes from those meetings are available to the public.  The minutes are posted here after they are approved at the following meeting.  I.e. February's meeting minutes are posted after they are approved at the March meeting. If you have any questions about the minutes, please contact the Secretary or President of the board.


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Parent Surveys

2016 Spring, Summer & Fall Season's Parent Surveys:  

Thank you for the feedback in over 136 completed surveys from Spring (109), Summer (7), and Fall (20).  Here are the key feedback points:

  • Several great memories of baseball games, character development, and teamwork were shared.  Thank you for sharing.
  • Uniforms were durable (especially pants) and the changes were welcomed.  Some sizing issues with hats and shirts that were resolved.  New fitting opportunities were offered in December for upcoming spring.
  • Several parents appreciated the facility being used more for more players than before.  With the addition of 10U clinics in the fall, Parent/Player clinics in the spring, and Coach's clinics, all players at all age groups have increased playing & instruction time. 
  • 10U Tournament hosted by EBA was terrific.  It was suggested that more are done. 
  • Comments on coaching were mostly supportive and appreciative of their time and providing a constructive atmosphere.  Suggestions for more consistency across the age groups and more oversight were made.  Coach's clinics are being offered as well as any potential coach can content a board member for more options (i.e. online resources or joining in other coach's practices/workouts)
  • Field conditions were viewed as above average and favorable. 
  • Fundraiser (car wash) feedback was mixed.  Some appreciated the ease of the selling while others missed the subs.  Fundraiser options are being reviewed. 
  • Board feedback:
    • members should attend more games.  Our board members do attend as many games as possible but they do not announce their arrival or make it know to the parents.  The coach is made aware.  Most board members are also assistant coaches so their availability is limited. 
    • Communication has improved and most parents appreciate the information via email, facebook, and on the website.  The website is outdated and is not mobile friendly.  This is being reviewed for 2017.    Communication at the 16U and 19U needs improved and the EPBA director is working on that. 
    • Board involvement in discussions/disputes with coaches was mentioned in a few surveys. The board is available to assist in conversations but request that parents discuss with the coach's first.  This gives the opportunity for the coach to respond and handle directly. This conversation should happen during the season so that the coach has a chance to address.  If not satisfied, the parent and/or coach should discuss with the league director.  
  • Again we received requests to have player names.  EBA's position is that we are a team and individualizing jersey is not part of our plan to promote the team. 

2015 Spring & Fall Season's Parent Surveys provided lots of positive and useful feedback. Here is a summary of the key learning's and improvement areas that we received from 135 responses.  All coaches have received their feedback.  

  • Received a lot of great memories and appreciation for all of the volunteers!  The EBA thanks its volunteers and parents for helping us improve every year.
  • Communication from coaches and EBA improved greatly from prior years
  • Uniforms improved overall but a few issues occurred. However they were resolved promptly. The fitted hats in the fall didn't fit.  
  • Names on back of uniforms is always suggested - EBA has decided that we will not do that for 2016. 
  • All coaches need to know the rules and all applied the same -  EBA agrees and will work to improve with continued pre-season rules and not changing mid-season.
  • Head coaches should be assigned to the level they can be effective -  EBA agrees with this and attempts to do this.  Recruiting and training coaches is a focus for the EBA.
  • One area that we need parent's help with is to discuss issues with head coach's as they occur.  This allows the opportunity to address it during the season.  The parent survey is a good method to provide feedback but the most effective is directly to the head coach and if needed, the league director.  We encourage parents to utilize the open door policy to express feedback as long as its not during a game or practice.  Thank you for your help.

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