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High Tee Drill - University of Arizona  (Emphasizes hitting the ball "low and hard" back up the middle, into an L-Screen . . . is easy to self-monitor . . . much of the "language" the Wildcats' assistant coach uses in this video clip is said verbatim by our coaching staff . . . this is a drill we believe all of our hitters should incorporate into their hitting routines)

Leg-Lift Drill - Texas Christian University    (Emphasizes rhythm of the front foot, loading, staying balanced 50/50, "torque" and getting the front foot down "softly" and "in time" . . . another valuable drill to add to a player's routine)

‚ÄčThree Plate Drill -  University of Louisville   I love this concept for improving timing and bat speed . . great idea for adding value to front toss/pitching machine BP . . . and, we have more than enough home plates to make this work at the Academy .

Youtube Videos: 

(We believe our pitchers AND catchers should understand the nuances of each position's specific skills and mechanics)
Pitching - Bad Habits - University of North Carolina
(Details some common mistakes to avoid, and more importantly, the ways to repeat mechanics, when to separate the hands, landing in a linear path to home plate, and landing "slightly closed" . . . all things we preach to our pitchers at Ephrata)
Boost Your Fastball With Weighted Balls (Article)
Pitching - Finch Drill - University of Arizona
A drill designed to keep a pitcher's glove-side from flying open and spinning off their pitches . . . a very similar drill to Paul Reddick's "Wall Drill" . . .
Youtube Videos:

CATCHING   (We believe our pitchers AND catchers should understand the nuances of each position's specific skills and mechanics)

Bullpen Work - The Catchers - University of North Carolina

(Explains and details the importance of the catcher when our pitchers throw bullpens)

Build Baseball Rotational Power - Med Ball Circuit - Austin Adams, Cleveland Indians
(We have the space and the med balls :)
Baserunning Exercises - Adam Eaton, Chicago White Sox
(Here are three exercises that are great for improving lateral mobility, leg strength, and foot speed . . . once again, we have everything needed to perform these exercises)
Position Players Throwing Program - Creighton University
Here's the same supervised throwing program we use for our infielders when we are in-season . . .

Infielders Throwing Progression Drills - University of North Carolina
We found this progression a year ago, and incorporated the best aspects of it to the above-mentioned Creighton program . . .

"Finer Points of Baseball" Series:

Other Resources:

At the EBA Academy, there are several DVD training programs that focus on specific positions and skills.  Ask a Board member if you would like to borrow.

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