Announcing 2018 EBA Fundraising - R&K Subs
Thursday, April 26, 2018

2018 Spring Season R&K Sub Sale Fundraiser


Attached you will find the R&K Sub order form for the 2018 EBA Spring Season Fundraiser. Each player should fill out the form providing ALL information requested. This includes salesperson’s name, team/coach name, and phone number.

There are two sub sale options. For the purchase price of $6.00 purchasers will receive a 12” sub of their choice. For the purchase price of $5.00 purchasers will receive a pretzel sandwich of their choice.

Players are asked to sell any combination of subs that total at least $35 in sales which is equivalent to the $35.00 opt out fee. For example, your player could sell six (6) 12” subs and have met their $35.00 sales goal.  It’s that simple!

Should you choose to opt out of the R&K sub sale, you may do so. Simply write OPT OUT on the order form and return it with a check, payable to the EBA for $35.00, to your player’s coach or team representative.

All money should be collected at the time that an order is taken. On the order form please enter the purchasers name, sub choices purchased, and calculate the total sale. Once you have completed your sales please enter the total dollar amount that you have received from sale at the bottom of the order form. Please retain all cash that you have collected and write a check to EBA for the total amount of cash collected.

Order forms and money collected must be returned to your player’s head coach or team representative by no later than Friday, May 18th.

  • ALL Subs must be picked up on May 30th, between 4:30pm-6pm at the EBA Academy.
  • Players will receive their order form/s back so subs can be delivered correctly to the end purchaser.


On behalf of the EBA, we thank you for supporting the 2018 Spring Season Fundraiser!


Questions? please contact JoAnn Musser at 484-650-1558 or