Welcome to the Ephrata Baseball Association

"Proudly serving the Ephrata community as the only comprehensive
K-12 grade consolidated youth sports organization!"

  • Volunteer and give back to the Baron Stiegel Lions for their generosity to the EBA! See more in calendar below on November 1st!
  • Open EBA Board Position:  The position of Parent Member is open.  A one year commitment is required for this voting position that attends board meetings and offers insights on key decisions. Please contact Paul Gockley for more information.
  • Free workouts/clinics for all 8-10 players is being planned to start in October and run for several weeks.  Stay tuned for more info. 
  • Registration for Spring season will begin November 15th.  Please share with your network of friends and neighbors.  More info soon...
  • Spring Parent Survey will be published after we the Fall Survey is collected.  We are working to improve for the spring based on the feedback we received.  Some of the key learning's are:
    • Communication from coaches and EBA improved greatly from prior years
    • Uniforms improved overall but a few issues occurred. However they were resolved promptly. 
    • Names on back of uniforms is always suggested - EBA has decided that we will not do that for 2016. 
    • Feedback about all coaches need to know the rules and all applied the same -  EBA agrees and will work to improve with continued pre-season rules and not changing mid-season.
    • We are directly working with coach's regarding feedback about their coaching.
    • Received a lot of great memories and appreciation for all of the volunteers!  The EBA thanks its volunteers and parents for helping us improve every year. 
  • Don't forget to upload pictures to our facebook page or email them to info@ephratabaseball.org!
  • See calendar below for upcoming events! 

Upcoming Events: 



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